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My ongoing 93 mustang project

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Hello everyone, here's a short description of the car I'm usually working on. I picked it up to use as a good fuel mileage daily driver, that lasted about 6 months.

Not much to look at but it was reliable.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the car, that included more cubic inches and a decent size turbo. I started gathering the parts and over several years it has grown into this.

That is a 383ci Windsor engine with a BW S480 turbo, being controlled by a Holley Dominator efi system.

Here's a little video of me testing my line lock solenoid and new transmission. I had to do it twice the first video had a finger covering the lens.

This body shape was never released to Australia but I remember Dick Johnson running 1 of these in the early Group A days and some rich people did import them. While I am more of a GM fan I appreciate a good Ford (even an Escort or Capri) and would like one of these myself.

What made you decide on the particular engine combination you have? Do you have other pics of the build process?

Johnsons Group A Mustang was put up for auction a while ago but didn't sell.

Hi Michael, thanks for inquiring. Here in the states the Mustang is a very popular car to modify. They are fairly light and have a decent factory 4 link suspension, so it lends itself well to racing. I've owned a few of them through the years, however I've put a lot more work into this one, than any other before.

In factory trim you could get the 2.3L 4cyl or the 5.0L V8. Although the V8 302ci engine is capable, the blocks aren't very strong. An affordable alternative is the plentiful 351 Windsor engine, which has a much stronger block. It's not uncommon to make 1000hp with an early model 351W block and they can be found for around $100 U.S. dollars. Like most projects it started out simple and snowballed into what it is today. I found that buying a good set of rods was roughly 60% the cost of the entire stroker kit that I found on sale. It included a forged eagle crank, H-beam rods, pistons, rings and bearings for $1000.00, a deal too good to pass up. That's how I ended up with the extra cubic inches.

I would consider myself a Ford guy but I have respect for all performance engines. I've always wanted an Escort Cosworth, it's just not something we have access to here in the states.

I have a complete build of the car in pictures but I wasn't sure just how interested people would be in them. I'll upload some in the next few days. Thanks

Before having the car painted, I cut out the floor and factory wheel tubs, to make room for more tire.

New engine and ported aluminum heads.

Test fit with new TH400

Nice work.

Why the Holley and not something like TwEECer or the snEEC or EEC Analyser? Sorry for the questions I'm just interested in benefits of one system compared to another.

I have to admit my preference for American based engines and cars. Easy to work on, plentiful parts, a modifiers nirvana.


Thanks Michael.

When I started to build to the car, I purchased a used Accel Gen7+ dfi system. I was becoming familiar with the system and buying the supporting parts for my application and started to realize that I was going to spend a lot more money on an outdated system that wouldn't meet my requirements. A friend of mine had purchased the Holley Dominator system for his own vehicle and once I started to look into it, it just made sense. Here in the states, the big players are Holley, Fast, and Big stuff 3 (BS3). Each of them has their merit but Holley came with integrated boost control, water/meth control, trans control and the interface is very user friendly.

Apparently the market is very different outside of the US and I see a lot of people there using Haltec, Motec and others. Here, very very few people have those systems. Basically I chose the newest, most capable system available to me and I have no regrets. The support is great and It's capabilities are far greater than my understanding, It seems I'm only limited to my imagination, at this point.

If your bored one evening, download the software and check it out for yourself.

There was a time when I had all the available systems software on my pc and played with them until the wee hours of the morning. My wife was not happy!