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I'm trying to figure out how to wire in a AEM wideband controller along with a kpro4 into a Dc5r. it would be great to get some instruction on how to do it correctly.

Have you got the AEM wideband instruction manual? That will give you the correct wiring diagram for the particular wideband you're using along with any specific instructions and precautions. The Hondata help file then contains the necessary info for you to be able to integrate the wideband signal into your ECU.

yes i have the manual but i am uncertain because the wideband have a obd2 connection plus the connection to the ecu, so i was trying to figure out if i have to connect both. And the kpro have a wideband adapter to connect them both(wideband to kpro). So i have to connect the obd2 pin 5 and 1 simultaneous to the kpro connect? or it either or.

For you to connect the aem wideband to kpro, you need to connect the white wire (analog out ) from the wideband to

The A0 pin.

depending in wich aem wideband you have, if you see a lot of offset you may need to connect the brown wire (analog grd) to a ecu grd.




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