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Any members in AUS/NZ able to ship barra engines to US? I am in Florida near Port of Tampa, I was looking at converting 2007+ lpg green top to petrol turbo with custom manifolds. I was told the lpg green top is less $$$ than the red top turbo engine, and since I am making custom manifolds anyway I thought that would be the way to go. I see a BF petrol is around half the cost of a green top lpg, is the green top really worth twice as much? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I dont know anyone in AUS, and when I message people on Gumtree they think I am scamming them, but I really am interested in having 2 or 3 strapped to a pallet and shipped to Florida. Before you laugh at me look at what an LS swap costs, if I have to spend that much to get real power out of my 2003 mustang GT then suddenly importing a barra doesn't seem that far fetched....thanks in advance for your time, mick

There seems to be a lot of leeway over there on what can, and can't be done to a vehicle - certainly most of the rest of us are envious - but might be an idea to check this first You may find a couple of possible suppliers, and advice here - and here - These are 'supposed' to work with the -04 Mustang, which may save a lot of hassle, but check first -

... and here, where they do the Barra - F-body swap -

However, if you haven't seen them already, this series of BARRA modifications should be required viewing -

Thank you Gord!!! I will look into those links right away.....Yes, in some states you can modify vehicles quite a bit, lucky for me Florida does not have an annual safety or smog inspection like other states do. Vermont, the state i grew up in, I could never get away with a swap like this, To get through customs I will have to list them as motorsport/offroad use only, otherwise EPA will want a mountain of paperwork and smog testing Im sure.....It will be a track car when its done, but at this time it is legally registered and insured with the modest 4.6 2v v8 under the hood....I've had 4cyl VWs with more power than this engine :)