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Basemaps for Cams look wildly different from examples in videos

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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I just finished all the videos in the Cam Control Tuning course. After looking at the stored tables in the maps of my ECU, the overall shape doesn't follow what was shown in the course. Andre does mention a specific case where small turbochargers create a unique situation (excessive exhaust backpressure?), but doesn't expand on this.

Motor is a 4.0L twin turbo hot V (2013 Audi S7) with larger RS7 turbos installed.

I attached screenshots of the cam tables stock and adjusted by an off the shelf tune. Do these look "normal"?

None of these tables use the full range of motion of the cam phasing. Is this typical, or is it likely more power could be found by re-doing these on a dyno?

I also have tables for a motor with larger camshafts (RS7) and they are quite a bit different. Can these be used to infer better values for the smaller camshafts?

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