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Haltech quad cam tuning

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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i was tuning the pid's yesterday and i got the cam angle to match the target at steady rpm, but then when we did wot the cam timing was always behind by 5 degrees not sure if this is normal.

this is the settings i ended up with

target max delta 120 degree/sec

frequency 300hz

minimum duty 10%

max duty 90%

proportional 800

integral 80

derivative 60

at this point not sure if i need to increase integral or change the refresh rate or increase the proportional to make it more responsive

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make each of the (duty cycle base , p, i and d) tables 3d - rpm vs temp (water temp or preferably oil temp cause oil temp affects the control as well a LOT) - i had an e2500 and had "much flaky" cam control until i setup my tables like that now i'm much happier than using a 2d table anyways. lots more fluffing around - but the end result is well worth it

start at low rpm and low temps - add another column or row whenever you start losing control of the cam - im doing this on a k20a honda engine and when vtec kicks in ("yo") i needed a massive change in my tables to cope with what im guessing is a large oil pressure change (waiting on more sensors to arrive)

cam switch is 5500rpm so you can see the change required to keep the cam under control there

still - its a work in progress so its by no means perfect yet but its a heck of a lot better than the original base map ever was

(log is from a drive around hampton downs and that bit is 3rd gear)



8K rpm of K20 is a monster build

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