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Honda K20Z3 VVL Cam control

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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Hi Andre,

For the Honda K20Z3 engine fitted with larger cam, would it be wise to cut the VVL control at a certain RPM and allow the V-Tech to take over at that RPM, for Example run VVL from 1200-4000 RPM and V-tech from 4000-7000 RPM?

Only the dyno know for sure. Try it, and measure the results.

I'm a little confused as to how you're using these terms. VVL isn't a term I usually associate with Honda. We have two technologies - VTEC which is switched on or off, and variable cam timing on the intake cam, which is always operating. So in short there will be a point in the rev range where you will want to switch from low cam to high cam (typically in the 4-5000 rpm range). At the same time you have the variable cam timing constantly moving the cam target with relation to load and rpm. Have you watched the Variable Cam Control course?

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