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lotus elise rover vvc

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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hello people of hpa

its my first timne posting i searched for old threads with no joy

i was wondering if anyone have experience with lotus elise vvc actuators.

i've got the car wired up with an haltech elite 1500 ecu

car start fine everything is working as normal exept for the variable cam control

the engine needs 2 actuators on the intake only (one doing the pressurise while the other the depressurize) but its not working toghether to mach the target angle

i know that its a very generic question

if needed i can upload a log for haltech sofware

thanks in advance to everyone


Welcome to the forum! If the actuator is moving in both directions properly, but perhaps overshooting, under shooting or oscillating, then the PID settings likely need adjusted.

HPA has a webinar on just the thing. It wasn't performed on your exact ECU, but the PID values get tuned in similar fashion on most ECUs:


The car perform great but we can't manage the cam control as it has two indipendent solenoids on the intake cam, and the cam input are two teeth spaced of 110° (220° compared to crank angle) it's all read by a VR sensor (pics attached below of vvc housing).

We have originally took out the previous ecu (Emerald) that's a dedicated Krover VVC tuning platform and wired the Elite into.

The VVC, compared to VVT works changing speed rotation and so slowing or speeding the cam compared to the crank (from 220° rest position to 295° maximum slowdomn duration)

With Emerald the cam control (VVC) is carry out by oil sistem and the solenoids play together to stay the cam in position, this operation is done also during startup.

In NSP we have connected 1 DPO (and 12V spare) to the solenoid for acceleration cam and connected 1 DPO (and 12V spare) the solenoid for deceleration cam.

For the cam input we have connected the VR (oem) sensor to an SPI.

We have also wired two leds on the solenoids to visually see if they are working but it's only glowing only one led.

We think that it's not reading the cam input properly because of can teeth and so NSP can't correctly adjust cam position.

Technically it have to read cam angle and compare it with the crank so the actuators work simultaneously or alternately to maintain the vvc piston in position correctly.

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In terms of getting a proper cam/home signal it sounds like you'll need to speak with Haltech to see if they can provide a triggering mode to suit a 2 tooth cam pickup since this engine isn't present in their list and their software doesn't allow you to chose generic and then designate 2 teeth and their spacing.

I don't think that ECU is equipped with a strategy that can manage that style variable valve control since it sounds like the control must occur per valve event. It sounds like a cool system if you can make it work though!

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