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Motec M1 VVTi GT86

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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Can i have help on step by step setup a correct cam timing on this car.

From which one have to go first.

Offset.. mass feed, duty, max min limit, frequency, PDI..


I did finished the course vvt..

And there is no explanatiom about offset.. and min max duty value as i need on m1

Is there anyone can help me.. thanks

In the M1 Tune Firmware help for Inlet Camshaft Bank 1, you will find:

If the camshaft is in rest position, "Position" should provide a value of zero. This can be achieved by setting "Position Offset". The correct value can be determined when the engine rotation produces a "Position" value with the actuator control being disabled.

The actuator min / max you will discover as you setup the Control Feed Forward table. Start with min of 0% and max of 100% as indicated in the help.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone can help you.

Victor the step by step process is the same as the one I present in the VVT course. There are some subtleties with the MoTeC ECU such as the offset but I've explained in one of your other threads how to set this. There should be no need to alter the solenoid frequency from the base package. The feed forward is set exactly as demonstrated within the VT course - Increase the duty cycle until the cam first begins to move. The min/max is usually a pretty unimportant factor and limits the solenoid duty but if you've got the PID control tuned correctly and your cam targets are sensible then you shouldn't be anywhere near the min/max values - The numbers from the base package will be absolutely fine.

From your previous thread it would seem you have problems with either the feed forward, PID gains, or both. The course explains exactly how to optimise these parameters so i'd suggest going back through and following the steps.

I'll note that we will add an M1 worked example to the VVT course in time but I can't guarantee when that will be and I suspect not soon enough to be of use to you.

Thanks andre and david.

I just need to confirm what i am doing is right.

I will try to plug in back my motec next week.

Since i also waiting nathan to fix the shifting problem

Thanks again guys

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