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RB26 HKS V-cam/ VVT advance from idle?

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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Is there any advantage of advancing the VVT (intake cam) at idle on RB26 with HKS V-cam?

My current map doesn't activate the VVT until 1500RPM+, but from there it takes the hydraulics a while to "catch up" to the target VVT advance such as 50 degree advance at 3500 rpm

If i have it already advanced let's say 15-20 degree at idle, it should take less time to reach target at higher rpm.

I'm thinking maybe I can archive more intake advance sooner and gain more torque low end by doing it this way?

I would be concerned about the oil pressure being to low in order to accurately control the V-Cam at idle.

I don't have experience with the HKS kit, but I don't think it should be difficult to reach any target at 3500rpm. I would make sure that the oil feed and the electronics are working as they should.

Advancing intake camshaft always improves low end torque so i believe it's worth trying... At least it should not hurt the performance.

I just had some free time with the car today.

at idle fully warmed up, oil pressure is around 28-30psi

I had no issues advancing it all the way to 30 degree, i didn't go any further as at 30 deg the car starts to lump and sound like a drag car already.

Yrs, but how did you measure a benefit of advancing the camshaft? Maybe all you needed is just 20 degrees... Or 22... What's the point of advancing the camshaft if there are no means of measuring the profit?)

As Shota asked - why are you doing it? How are you establishing the benefits or issues that may arise?

What documentation have you found on this - could it be be for emission reasons, driveability, etc?

I’m mostly doing it for fun, on the “advancing intake at idle” part. The car was dyno tuned and it makes more torque low end with intake advance.

I’m seeing less fuel required at idle when intake cam is advanced only 10 deg. It’s pulling about 5% fuel from my main fuel table. I guess that’s a small benefit to the environment.

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