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ADU 7 issue

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I have a ADU7 dash, connected to link ecu and CAN switch board. I use one switch to change pages on the dash. It works good when engine is not running, but when the engine is running the pages switches fast as lightning! It can jump 3-4 pages before it stops at a random page.

What can cause this?

What kind of switch are you using to change the pages? Analog switch, rotary, CAN Keypad?

Its a can keypad

I've not encountered this issue, but also haven't used that dash, so my generic suggestion is to confirm you don't have an address conflict. Perhaps you have engine data which is 0 at engine off, non zero at engine on, being transmitted at the address where the page request is being received?

How can i repair that?

I would first determine the CAN ID and message you are purposely using to switch dash pages.

Next you can dig through all your communications info for all your devices and see if they use that same CAN ID, or you can sniff the CAN bus and verify whether there's unexpected data at that CAN ID.

HPA's CAN bus course covers the info, and hardware, involved in both approaches, and if you'll be working with CAN, it's great info to have in general:


Sounds like there could be a data collision or something causing the message or next message to drop out. Check to see what the CAN message timeout values are (and what action is to be taken when the ADU loses CAN communication). the Link may be sending certain messages at a very high rate when the engine is running, post calibration files and we can help.

What brand keypad?

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