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AEM CAN Expansion Module to MoTeC C127?

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hey guys,

I'm currently in process of switching from an AEM Infinity and CD-7 Dash to a MoTeC M170 and C127 and I'm trying to make sure I can get fuel level to the C127 to display. I don't have any of the hardware yet, so it hard for me to go in and try to see if it will work.

My theory is the AEM CAN Expansion module can transmit on the CAN bus the Fuel Level and the C127 can pick it up and display it.

Is this possible and has anyone done it?


Yeah that will be no worries. AEM have good documentation for their CAN devices. They send fuel level out onto the bus as "sensor resistance" which is a bit odd considering the device would have already converted it into voltage, anyhow you would receive this as a unitless GP channel into the C127. You would then set up a 2D table in the dash to convert the sensor resistance into "Fuel level" with units Litres/Gallons/% or whatever you like.

I can help you with the Motec CAN template if your dealer doesnt help you and you dont find one elsewhere.

Hi Sean,

I have had a quick look at the documentation for the AEM 22 channel CAN expansion unit.

Included with the AEM Dash Design there is a DBC available which you would be able to directly import to C127 Dash Manager.

AEMs DBC will need the units modified for the DBC import to be able to identify them. I have attached a txt file which includes all the units DBC import recognises.

For the DBC to import correctly I had to remove the text before the colon in the unit field, for example Frequency:Hz becomes Hz.

Attached Files


Awesome man, thanks for confirming for me!! If I run into issues get this set once I get the hardware, that's the real hold up now, I'll reach back out.


I really appreciate you taking the time to dig into this and giving the txt file on the units. Pretty cool I can take an AEM DBC file, modify the units, then load in the C127. I would have never thought that.

Hey Adam,

Just now getting around to the task I spoke about above. I have my M170 configured and am moving onto to my C127. I've got everything talking on the CAN bus at 500, except my MoTeC 5 button rotary key pad, more on that later, I imported the dbc file and chose FuelLevelExt as a received channel.

Then went to set up the 2D table you mentioned, and assigned the output channel as Fuel Tank Level. In the table to the right I out in the Resistance of 40 ohms for empty tank (0 gal) and put 248 ohms for full tank (20 gal). I went into Simulate mode and I see unites 117 for FuellevelExt, that should come out to about 38% tank. If I assume 20 gallon (need to validate that), it now shows 7.6 gallons on the display. Oddly I don't see a % full for Fuel Tank Level.

Is there a way to create a bar type display with fuel level or do I need to get display creator to really play with things?

Thanks for all your help.

Where is your MoTeC Dealer?? They should be helping you by providing configurations and samples of things you want to do with the parts they sold you.

If you really want help, then post your current Dash Configs. I can easily modify it to show you how to setup a bar in the display (ie, short version: choose a template that has bars, then choose a channel to go into it, then configure the bar as you wish). Much easier to just modify yours as an example.

You are really missing out, not having me help you remotely. There is no cost, I just want to make things work, and I will give you some pointers to get you headed in the right direction.

I finished off configuring and testing my outputs on the M170 this weekend as well as transferring my old tune from the AEM over. This package is getting sent to my dealer this evening, so I decided to jump in on the C127 and see what I can figure out. I'm kind of a hands on guy with a technical background and really learning things along the way, just run into a few things that stump me after a long day.

Tried attaching my config file, HPA said I can't attached a null file. Hmmmm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I'll drop ya an email with it and see if we can find some time to link up.

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