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Big endian and Little endian

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello the video from 2:15 up to 2:50 is causing a small confusion on me.

You said that the transmitter is transmitting on Little endian format , so the low bite first 0X8A.

However the image shows data organized as High byte + low byte. It should be the inverse correct?

Later you said that the ECU receives on Big endian format, so the high byte first. However the image shows data organized as low byte + high byte. It should be the inverse also, correct?

G'day Henrique.

Apologies this message slipped through the cracks and hasn't been answered yet!

We actually talked about the way to order these in the graphics at length when designing the visuals for the course, and settled on the way they are because you can think of the transmission as those two bytes travelling from left to right across the screen, so the low (blue) byte gets to the other side first.

If the receiver is expecting the first byte it sees to be a high byte though, it'll reconstruct the 16 bits incorrectly, and there will be a miss match.

Does that clear things up?



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