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CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello, I did the CAN test (and several others), I have a DASH MOTEC C125 connected to the CAN OEM of my BMW 330I Motorsport 2006, I am using a PLEX KNOCK V3 to analyze the CAN, I got reliable results with engine temperature, but I am with difficulty converting Throttle Pedal, Steering Angle.

I will send image. For the calculation of the pedal I have the correct calculation, however it does not apply to Dash Motec, as it has a defined calculation base.

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The account in excel works with the above values.

But the question is, how am I going to apply this to the Motec C125?


I apologize as I may not quite be understanding the situation. I believe you're saying you feel confident you're receiving the data you want, and are asking for assistance with scale and offset due to Motec base unit not matching your input.

If so, could you tell us what data you are receiving at the dash at 0 and 100% throttle and steering angle extremes?


THANKS Mike McGinnis, follow throttle data

I have a MAXIDIAG Scanner to check if the Original is correct

the speed in my table is in KM H, but the data will be delivered in MPH, the calculation that I sent in the file arrives at the correct result.

The problem is what you mentioned, in the MOTEC C125 software, the account is predefined.

steering wheel angle


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