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CAN Triple : The CAN Gateway Written in C with simplicity in mind..

CANBus Communications Decoded

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It's no secret that Vehicles are becoming more network dependent, and the amount of information being transmitted between devices keeps increasing. There hasn't been much for a viable solution for a simple CAN Gateway capable of living in an automotive environment. So I did what I do and Built one.

Utilizes 3 Buses, 6-32 V Power, and ground on a DTM8p Connector.

Framework was setup with ease of use in mind. Allows management of all packets without losses.

That's great to know, I'll keep that in mind if I ever need this!

Ooo I quite like the idea of this. Arduino+CAN shields seems much more complex then this, never had much success there. But I can't code in C either lol, at least not yet. My dream would be a device with a layman version UI more akin to what we see in products with an open CAN template, but with the ability to do check sums and more advanced functions required to interface with OEM vehicles.

the main reason why I didn't push for a graphical user interface is due to the limitations associated with the interfaces. The only true limitation associated with a code space is memory and processing power. somewhat of a 'm1 build' style approach but with even less restrictions.

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