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CANOpen Keypad Reference information.

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I'm wanting to put together a list of keypads offered by the various vendors that have reprogrammed the units to specific node and cob ids for their communications.

There's 2 commonly used CANOpen Keypad manufacturers, Grayhill and Blink.

and there's a plethora of vendors all presumably having the keypad node and cob id different from one another.

I'll add to this as time allows.

Motec 8 button keypad :

Motec 15 button keypad :

Haltech 8 button keypad :

Haltech 15 button keypad :

Ecumaster 4 button keypad :

Ecumaster 12 button keypad :

Ecumaster 8 button keypad :

Ecumaster 6 button keypad :

Ecumaster 4 button keypad :

AiM 12 button keypad :

AiM 8 button keypad :

There is the FuelTech Switchpanel series, but I don't know for sure if they are CANopen.


Does anybody knows who manufactures the FT keypad?

There is also the HP Electronik membrane keypad, I also don't know if it is CANopen:


@Haruki, FT ones are Blink marine. HP Electronik as well similar Membrane type from te likes of Life Racing and Cosworth etc are not based on any standard such as CANOpen or J1939, they have little or no settings and use a much more simple message format, with ID's probably chosen so they dont clash with other devices they manufacture or support.

@Mitch, here's ours. FYI G4X ecu's have a built-in tool for finding most other vendor-branded CANopen keypads that are connected to the bus and allows setting them to our defaults as well as adjustment of the node ID and/or bit rate, and some of the optional settings such as backlight colour, brightness & boot up dance etc.


ECUMaster uses Blink Marine.

IDs :

Base : 0x195

RCV : 0x615

Status : 0x715

Defaut CAN Speed : 500 Kbps

Support : 125 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 500 Kbps

Here's the documentation on IDs and how the send message to change baud speed, etc...


I Purchased a Aim programmed 2600. It was programed with a base of 199, Rcv 619 etc. But ended up reprogramming it to id 15 to use with my ecumaster black emu @ 1mbit. works flawlessly on 1mbit. if all these are can open devices should they all not work just by changing the id to the manufactures programming. Ie blink marine keypad ill you the example Adam has posted the difference in programing between my keypad and what he has posted was the can id, periodic key state message, and default back color. If this is the case the device manufactures program there response to the keyboard message based on the keyboard manufactures programing essentially making it all the same.

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