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Create DBC file / Reverse engineering

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello, I have Can-Am Maverick X3 and install dashboard of the ecu master, ADU 5". Using oem ECU and do not have info of the ECU in Dashboard. I need create a DBC file, right?

I study your course "CAN bus Communication Decoded" but i dont understand how creat a dbc file from ECU oem.

Can help me?

Best regards

While a DBC file would be great, I doubt you will find one (or could easily create one), and you probably don't need that for the ADU. I just look at the manual here, and starting on page 93 it tells you how to setup the CAN inputs for the ADU:


What you will need is details on the CAN-Am Maverick X3 CAN messages. That is where the course can help. It shows the process using a CAN Analysis tool to figure things out. Won't be easy or fast, but if you are persistent you can do it.

If you insist on creating a DBC file... you will need software. Here was a thread with some hints about that: