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do i have a problem whit the ABS?

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Sorry for my bad english. can just hope that someone understands it :D

So it all started whit that i wanted to use cruse control in my haltech, so i cut the 3 wires that gos to the buttons and wierd them in to the ecu, whit no succes, the ecu dosnt sens anything when i puch the buttons, (btw the horn havent workt in some time now), so i remove the airbag and did just do a check the clocksping whas bad, and i didnt get a singel bip or more then more then OL when i did a resistens test, so, my guess is that it whas dead, so did order a new one.

but then i needed the car, so i out everything back except the clockspring sins it whas bad already. but then i notice that the key light whas blinking (keyless car), so did pull out the error codes and got C0045 and C0047 back, bad VDC(ABS) and bad CAN communication. so did push the button the start but the key just flashes back at me faster. and now it well not start at all... so just to check did i check the resistens in the CAN com cabels, and got 60 ohms back, not the 120... but when i remove the VDC i get it back to 120, dose this men that the VDC is dead? if so, how can this happen?

Youtube link to a short demonstration


Getting 60 on a properly terminated 120 ohm CAN is correct, removing the VDC device is removing one of the Terminating resistors from the CAN Bus, hence it going back to 120 ohm.

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