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Does course cover decoding of protocols ? ie: Nissan Consult3

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I'm looking at the half price course option but wondering if it will suit my needs which are mostly around decoding the Nissan Consult 3 protocol for my VQ37 engine swap. I need to do this in order to send the appropriate values onto the BMW car's bus for some dashboard functions.

The course will detail the processes and tools it takes to do this work. I would think you would need access to the stock vehicle(s) to decode info sent by the ECU and used by the Dash. Then for your project, you will need some kind of "man in the middle" device to handle the translation of messages from one platform to the other.

I don't think this is a trivial project, but if you are determined to do it, and want to learn the first steps -- this course would be useful.

I've already got my Arduino installed with 2x CAN shields and can drive the tacho and temp gauges (the ones i need) just fine. Only part missing is the decoding of the Nissan side to extract the values.

I've done some Nissan decoding on VQ35 (350z). Look for RPM on 0x159, ABS Front Speeds on 0x284 and ABS Rear Speeds on 0x285 (GT-R also provides these). I've never decoded the messages I've seen on 0x231, 0x233, 0x239, 0x2d1 and 0x2dE.

the nissan consult will request data from the vehicle through UDS, It doesn't Reference anything from the RAW CAN data.

(i did reverse the entire UDS ECU mode 22 standard, but I'm not willing to release that information for a handful of reasons..)

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