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Highest sensor sample rate for AIM Evo4s CAN receiver

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First up, thanks for the great courses here! I have a lot of experience working with sensors and data in the mountain bike world, but as a total newbie to the motorsport world the courses I have done so far have been a huge head start.

The question I have is I want to use a CAN network to expand the number of sensors on my Aim EVO4s data logger, but several of these use very high sample rates of 500Hz+. An initial poke around the RS3 CAN protocol builder only has a max sample frequency of 100Hz, so will this be possible with the Aim logger? Or am I better off leaving those sensors directly on the Analog input (with its max. rate of 1000Hz) and just use the CAN bus for slower sample rates?

Examples of sensors-

Suspension position potentiometers (1000Hz)

Accelerometers (frame + wheel hubs, 500Hz)

Temperature (thermocouples and/or IR for brakes and suspension)

Strain gauges/load cells

Pressure sensors (brake lines, tyres)

As an Aim dealer, I will tell you to connect the sensors to the EVO4S logger -- all their CAN expansion module have a 100hz max sampling rate, and as you've discovered the Custom CAN protocol editor limits you to a 100hz sampling rate.

Now there are other systems with more flexible CAN support such as MoTeC which will handle CAN data broadcast at 1ms (1000hz samples/sec).

Thanks David that pretty much solves it for me. The plan is to attempt to build a custom expansion module, which may or may not be able reach higher sample rates but with the logger being the choke point anyway I can definitely save myself some stress there!

I'm tied to the Aim logger for the time being - I barely new what CAN was when I purchased it, let alone that it might be something I would end up using so never looked in to it while doing research! Good to know Motec is better in that regard though, I do like their software as well