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Holley Sniper EFI

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello guys,

Someone ever tackle the CanBus from a Sniper EFI. I installed a PMU and i'd like to input parameter from the sniper CAN like RPM, Engine Temps etc. I saw that the protocol used is probably the racepack. The doc state that i have to add the ecu id to the base id but i can't find the ecu id. I ordered a Can sniffer to try getting the id.

Any help appreciated!



Seem the Holley/Racepack protocol is documented in this document (starts at page 88). I would probably assume that the ID matched either your serial number (doc says printed on the bottom of the ECU note in decimal!), or was 0. I think the 29-bit identifiers start at 0x1E001000.

Can you set your PMU to mask-out the ECU ID bits so you just don't care?

The Sniper EFI system is basically a carburetor and the ecu is enclosed in it, I did not find any serial on the unit.

I'm using a Ecumaster Pmu16 and I'm not too sure about the mask-out feature. I tried the base ID 0x1e001000 and the captured data seems completely off. My HGM controller don't have any problem getting the info though. I found this site https://www.realdash.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=941, i will try with a dongle to acquire that base ID.

Thank-you for the help!

Hey, did you get any further with this? I'm also fighting trying to get useable CAN Data.

Honnestly not much, the only thing i think i've got is a TPS. The other value that i got was far from being usable. Since my goal was to control my fan, i put the fan output of the sniper in the PMU. Not great but better than having another temps sensor.

If you found somthing let me know but my guest is that they used encoded or multi byte data... It's not even a racepack or holley Can std...

Since my hgm trans controller got all the value from the Sniper ECU i guess that you have to be a partner to get the decode information.

Not sure if this was ever resolved, but holley canbus will work with racepak using the universal canbus interface module from racepak and terminating resistor caps. im currently using it to integrate holley term x max, Smartwire PDM, Smartwire can keypad, dakota digital guages, dakota dbw cruise control.

Hi, Thank-you for the heads up!

Do you explicity get holley Sniper Can Bus message to use it in an another company canbus module? My PMU is a ECU master and i'd like to read the Sniper CanBus message (Or whatever protocol they use) to trigger things. In the Manual of the universal module Sniper is not on the supported ECU so i wonder if i could get usable information...

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