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How to intergrate CAN-BUS, CCD-BUS and Cummins-bus

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I'm currently working on my 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 running a 5.9lt 24 valve Cummins EFI diesel.

I am attempting a complete custom build for street and offroad use. I'm currently labeling and separating all the different electrical circuits and working out what is needed, what is redundant and what needs to be updated with all the new accessories.

Surprisingly its relatively straightforward but in saying that id be completely lost if it wasn't for my workshop manual with all the circuits and pin out diagrams.

Now having a better understanding on how all of this works, I've decided I want to rewire everything, install a motor sport PDM, eliminate the fuse and relay boards (PDC) resulting in most of the wiring being replaced and possibly the factory PDM and factory gauge cluster as well.

The vehicle uses a CCD BUS system (Chrysler Collision Detection) "data collision" and a Cummins BUS system, similar to a can bus, so I'll need to find a CCD to CAN reader or something similar so I can continue to use some of the factory equipment like the factory safety airbags. For an example the airbag system has its own module (passive restraint system) that talks to all the components via CCD Bus. The Passive restraint system module then has another CCD Bus that talks to the factory PDM and gauge cluster on what is called the Diagnostic circuit. This will display seatbelt lights, airbag warning lights and so on... on the gauge cluster. this is required to keep the vehicle road legal. I'm needing to integrate the diagnostic circuit into the new system.

Has anyone here attempted something like this and if so any help, tips and advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Located in Melbourne, Australia.

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I know this isn't what you're hoping for so I apologize in advance, but hope it's helpful in another way.

I've not attempted to replicate any system related to driver safety, for safety and liability reasons. If it's feasible to retain the stock components involved, that's what I'd suggest to keep things safe.

Best of luck with the project, however you decide to proceed!

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