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M150 ECU to CAN Keypad

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hi All;

Has anybody successfully connected a Blink Marine CAN keypad or any other brand of CAN keypad to a Motec M150 which has a fixed package?

i.e. Subaru Impreza (GRA / GPRP). The ECU is setup & ready for the Motec / Grayhill devices.

I'm seeking to use a 6 - 8 key panel for ECU inputs, (Antilag / Launch etc) and looking at options other than the Grayhill / Motec products.

Is the M150 open to receiving new data streams? (First time working With Motec.)



Hi Stephen,

The CAN Data into a GP Firmware has to match the predefined CAN receive settings, so if the device you are looking at can replicate these messages, then you are able to use it. If not, you would need custom Firmware to use those devices.

Hi Stephen;

Thanks for the feedback, I'm getting the impression that the firmware is locked to certain products. I'll continue with my research on this.


there is a provision for a grayhill keypad in the gp firmware.

go to your calibrate all, click all 'types' check boxes and search 'keypad', it'll all pop up.

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