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Maxxecu can-bus

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I want to send a transbrake signal to my maxxecu, from my transmission controller

But I'm having kinda hard finding out about bit mask , the transmission controller sends out 8 bit /flags on the same byte, so need to apply a bit mask to get it to work but not entirely sure if I got it right, how do I calculate the bit mask?

Best regards Henrik

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Here is the data from the transmission controller

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Mask = Result

80 = Shift right by 7 bits

40 = Shift right by 6 bits

20 = Shift right by 5 bits

10 = Shift right by 4 bits

08 = Shift right by 3 bits

04 = Shift right by 2 bits

02 = Shift right by 1 bit

01 = No bit shift

so the way I have done it now with bit mask 10 should be correct for reading transbrake ( bit 4)

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