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Merging and working with DBC files

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I'm configuring an AIM PDM32/Dash/Logger, MoTec M130, ABS Unit (either Teves or Bosch M5) and a few other CAN devices such as TPMS and switches and Lamba to CAN module.

The AIM tools for managing CAN templates is a bit lacking. They have done all the hard work and have most of these devices pre-configured which you can select, but you can choose only one device per CAN bus. If you want more that one device on the CAN bus you need to build the template from scratch. You can't see or edit the CAN configs they have. Basically if its not one device on the CAN, then you have a blank sheet of paper.

This is a problem as a) getting the raw CAN data isn't always easy and b) it's a massive pain in the butt to hand-code all these maybe 200-odd messages. Very easy to make a mistake that is difficult to test and trouble shoot.

What tools or options have I got? It's the Motec and Bosch templates that are the most complicated. The rest I can configure manually if I had to.

- AIM can import a DBC file. I have only got the Motec CC7 files - can they be converted?

- Can I merge/concatenate two DBC files? Once a DBC file is imported into AIM software we are back to that one config file per CAN bus limitation. I'd need to get all the config data into one DBC file to import it

- Am I just approaching this all wrong?

Hi Adrian,

M1 dbc file attached.

You should be able to merge two dbc files with the correct software (or a text editor if you want, you just don't have any real error checking that way.)

I use Vector CANDb++ as an editor.

Attached Files

Thanks Stephen

Perfect. I tried Kvaser Database Editor and it's working OK. I might give Vector CANDb++ a try just to see if I like it.

for merging CAN dbc files, i use python module canmatrix : Command Line Interface — canmatrix documentation