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Motec Keypad 15 key export with PMU16AS

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I am using a Ecumaster PMU16AS(PDM) with a Motec keypad 15 , M150 ecu and C125 Dash. The keypad is configured and controlled with PMU, and eveything works as suposed between keypad and PMU, but i cant see all keys on second CAN.

I configured CAN 1 in PMU for Comunication with keypad , and CAN 2 as export for the Keypad key data. I can only see the status on 3 of the Keys. ( i have used same 0x506 for export on CAN2 so it can be read by M150 and C125). Could it be a problem that is same adress but in diferent CAN network

Any sugestiins? export is done automatic in Ecumaster calibration software.

Use the MoTeC CAN inspector tool to verify what is on the CAN bus attached to the MoTeC devices. CAN inspector is installed as part of the Utilities package found at the bottom of the MoTeC Software Downloads page. You can connect it to your ECU or C125, and you can view the raw CAN bus traffic.

Perhaps you have an address conflict with your MoTeC configs

The "export keyboard state and buttons" message feature in the PMU doesn't just send the keypad data out in the normal "CANopen" format that the native keypad would. So if that is what the Motec devices are expecting it wont work.

It sends out a message formatted like their normal "outputs" CAN message with all button logic such as latching/counting etc already applied to the button presses.

You can use the "save CANX file" tool to save the template, then open it in notepad or similar to see how it is formatted.

Hi, seems to be what Mr. Adam is sugesting( my hunch also). Shouldn't the keypad (after wake up) be sending normal Motec 0x506 mesages on the CAN Bus independent to pmu( or pmu has already altered the message format from keypad?) ?

Ps. Any sugestions for config? I can use same bus for ecu and dash recive on wich keypad is. Now they recieve on can bus on wich pmu transmits.

Is it posible to wake keypad with pmu but configure with M150?

If meesage structure is altered in keypad how can this be returned to original motec ?

I would be receiving the CAN messages in the C125, then re-sending in a format to be compatible with other data going to the M1 - for example, you might use two buttons to change a setting up and down using a counter in the C125, then send the output from the counter to be used as a "driver rotary switch" input on the M150.

I will try your recomandation. Thank you

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