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Motec VS Haltech 15 Button Keypad

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I'm in the planning/purchasing stage of my wiring harness and I am planning on using an AIM PDM32 and Link FuryX for my SR20vet swapped 240z. I'd like to utilize a canbus keypad, and the (rebranded grayhill) motec and haltech would fit in the area nicely. I was wondering if there would be any appreciable difference between the two (besides the $200 motec premium) given that neither is the same brand as my other components. I'm assuming that either one would take a bit of extra work to set up than an aim product.

Not just extra work, but may not be possible. I would use the keypads that Aim is supporting (Blink Marine, I think).

they're both CANopen, they just have different ID's they respond at.

eg: Motec base node ID - 0x0A

Haltech base node ID - 0x0C

they also have different PDO ID's as well. but that's about it

Have I personally used a Haltech distributed Grayhill keypad on a Motec system?, No.

Do I Have complete confidence in being able to?, Yes.

I've looked at the Aim RS3 Beta software used to configure Keypads on the Aim PDMs. Still not sure how you will support anything other than the Blink Marine 8 and 12 button keypads with Node IDs 0x15 - 0x1C.

I do believe the MoTeC PDM software is flexible enough to support most CANOpen Keypads.

I'd add that the ECUMaster PMU can work with any keypad you want (including using extended CAN addressing aka J1939), and will work with any display and ECU you want.

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