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CANBus Communications Decoded

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im left curious. At the end of this video, it was mentioned that two even three CAN Network systems are used for overall bandwidth. can all the CAN Network systems communicate with each other among one another ? or do they behave as standalone with their own personal PID that transmits data frames with that network seperating it from the other networks?

yes and no. This depends on the reason for multiple buses and whether there is a need to see the data from one bus on another bus.

There are devices (CAN Bridges) that can connect to one or more CAN buses and transfer traffic between the buses. Some are even programmable, so you can setup thing like: listen for CAN ID 0x60x on Bus 1, and send the same data as CAN ID 0x72x on Bus 2. Or transfer all data in the range 0x200 to 0x2ff between both buses.

Often times, the buses might have different speeds (baud rates).

Most definately you can have multiple CAN Buses in a vehicle. My road car has 4 CAN buses that do the following. Two 500K "Hi Speed" Buses for Engine and Transmission control, one Medium speed (250K) for the Vehicle Bus and a Low speed one for items like the audio system, seats and wing mirrors. It also has Serial, Sent, MOST and LIN buses in the vehicle and 28 separate ECU units.

I also run 4 buses in my racecar for load sharing and also because I have some devices that cannot be recoded that I have more than one of. By using the multiple buses I can have these devices on separate buses and then use the Dash to amalgamate the data.

Oh wow you both have really broaden my Horizon on this topic.

It is now a more clear to me that CAN Network compatibility with one another is determined by baud rate and transmission frequency between one another and also if you want the separate CANs behaving identical or completely separate in categorized units of the vehicle itself.

I have yet to purchase the p d m programming and configuration course. that seems the true key to understanding CAN protocal as you both mentioned personally programming them the way you desire it to be

Thanks fellas.

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