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Nox Sensor Link ECU implementation

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello Guys!

We have stumbled across Diesel Nox Sensors that are used for heavy Diesel trucks ,We are thinking about using this sensor for our gasoline and diesel engine tuning,the problem is they are Digital CAN signals with no calibration table or any information,and most probably the signal needs reverse engineering and sensor calibration,we are wondering whether has this been done before?

i have Basic information for the sensor below,with no useful data about other than basic working information:

"The NOx sensor with controller unit serves to detect the

NOx concentration in the exhaust and monitoring of the emission

limits prescribed by the lawmakers.

The NOx sensor represents the actual measuring probe

while the electronic NOx sensor controller unit serves to

compute the NOx raw values.

The NOx sensor functions according to the principle of the so-called oxygen ions line according to which the wideband oxygen sensor also functions.

Part of the exhaust flowing past the measuring probe passes through a diffusion barrier into the first chamber. In this case the O2 concentration is regulated at a defined value by means of the so-called pump voltage applied to an electrode until the oxygen content differs either side of the ceramic body. The special properties of the ceramic body create the signal voltage (Nernst voltage) at its friction planes. This is the measure for the residual oxygen content in the exhaust The traces of HC, CO and H2 in the exhaust oxygenate at the electrode made out of platinum

It receives the analog signal from the NOx sensor and digitalizes it. It then passes this on as digital CAN signals at a defined transfer rate to the SCR frame module control unit which then passes these through to the engine control (MR) control unit.

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I have not seen or heard of anyone using one. Most of the heavy transport stuff is all based off standard J1939 messages so may be pretty easy to interpret. I do have some CAN info for the Conti UniNOX which appears to be all J1939 based.

Thank you for the quick response Adam!

We are perusing this and hopefully we can reverse engineer the signal and fit the sensor for our testing purposes, if it works out we will post an update with the data we get!

post up a log file or information whenever you sniff it.

Here is the info for the common Conti module:

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