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Open / unterminated CAN Branch?

CANBus Communications Decoded

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"Cliff Notes"... a CAN FNG (F'ing New Guy) would like to know if 'open' (unterminated) branch will not work?

Building a CAN harness for my new M130 install. Both end are terminated w. resisters and the branches off the trunk are:


I'm planning to add a PDM and Button Keypad in the near future. The PDM will be easy... I'll extend off of the resister DTM connector at one of the ends. The keypad branch will ideally fit between the M1 and MXL branches.

So finally to the subject question: can I build the harness with the future keypad branch and leave the branch unterminated with a DTM... or even somehow terminate (resistor?) until I physically add the node?

Clear as mud?

Yes that is fine. It is common to have a spare CAN connection in the loom like this to allow a future device to be added - or dyno coms plugged in etc. Even oem's do it - think of an OBD2 socket in a modern car - it is a branch off the bus with no device plugged into it.

Many thanks for the prompt and helpful response. Good news indeed, especially since I was just wrapping up the rest of the harness. This will allow me to finish it in the morning.



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