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Other Communications - J1850 VPW and PWM, LIN, GM LAN,...

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Does anybody know of some tools and learning materials about these protocols?

I would also like to know if there is a chance of a webinar covering other protocols like J1850 PWM (very common on fords until 2008) and VPW, LIN bus and GM LAN.

I have dipped into the J1850 PWM protocol a little and found that its message format is different then the CAN 2.0 we are all used to. Its baud rate is also comically slow.

Unfortunately most ECU's or CAN software don't support that protocol, your best bet is an Arduino or similar with 2 CAN shields. There is a company that makes a device that is capable of CAN translating, it also had LIN bus support at one point as well. I know the designer there, I'll bug him about this idea again. I don't want to give out a name just yet as his product doesn't do what I've just suggested it could.

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