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PMU16 Analog Inputs over CAN bus to Haltech Elite

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello, I am in the process of re-wiring my FD Rx7. I have currently maxed out all my inputs on the Haltech Elite 1500 but still have plenty of inputs left on the PMU16.

I know Haltech has "closed" CAN message protocol so it is not as simple as sending the inputs from PMU16 to the Elite via CANbus without some decoding.

I am getting familiar with CANbus decoding thanks to the course but wanted to see if anyone has had success with sending data from PMU16 to Elite via CAN. Since Haltech has the I/O expansion boxes maybe there is a way to trick the Elite into thinking the PMU16 is one of their I/O boxes.

Will def appreciate any feedback from others.

While there is a way, i'm not sure how well it would work without a man in the middle attack to rescale the data or information

Quick update on this. I worked with my dealer for the PMU16 and he provided a base starting point with some of the CAN communication already setup to broadcast as Haltech's IO boxes. I was still having issues with some of the conversion factors so I decided to try my luck with Haltech tech support, spoiler it worked!

If you email Haltech tech support they will provide the write protocol that their IO boxes broadcast to the ECU. I provided my order number for the Elite ECU just in case as proof that I actually own their product (not sure if necessary but figured it wouldn't hurt). I got the write protocol really quick also a few hours after I submitted the request it was in my email.

Using their write protocol I was able to send the analog inputs from my PMU16 to the Elite ECU via CAN without any issues.