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Not only does CAN offer some significant data, it can also be used as an Effective tool for problem solving when there's limited information to go on. Here's a Case study I made using a FX35 to quickly find wheel speed sensor values on the bus, then using that information to determine which corner was the problem area.

Update on cool information. the wheel speed sensor read all 1's (0xFFFF) on the bus when disconnected..

That was a bloody good watch Mitch! Really odd it wasn't throwing an OBD2 readable code? Glad you got it sorted though :-).

it's a 2004 and the obd2 protocol is something other than CAN, so that's part of the reason why. Makes for a great case study though!

Hey Mitch!

Great video, love that it is a real world example on how you can apply CAN for troubleshooting. For me it is an "outside the box" thinking as I would probably just have probed a connector where the wheel sensors are plugged in to look for a frequency output, but I love your idea!

I hope I'll have some more time to play with CAN, especially reverse engineering OEM data! I already took the CAN course, and I can't wait to start putting this new knowledge to good use!

haha yeah it CAN become convenient at times if the homework was done on the front end. it was easier for me to connect to the DLC and see what the wheels were doing than it would've been to even pull out an oscilloscope or DVOM. I ended up swapping the fronts and checking them that way and determining the issue was indeed the Sensor itself and not another condition

I cant play the video

Can u post it again please is the direct link Victor Garage. Cheers