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request for worked example

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hi Zac,

I wish if we have a worked example showing how we can setup a motec dash with M1 showing how we can get the most out of it where I saw some example where there are some commands are sent from the dash to M1 like boost aim and rpm limit utilizing a keypad or rotor controller.



This file should assist in doing this.

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Thank you BlackRex for sharing the document.

I will try to work with that tonight.

but still I love to see worked example showing how we can do different things using the advantage of transmitting messages between the Dash and ECU.


What you can see from that document, is anything that has a resource list that includes CAN X offset Y, could be transmitted from a dash or possibly a PDM. There is less you can do with the M1 CAN output unless you are using a custom firmware package, but you'll find most of the transmitted info in the M1 Tune Help for "ECU Transmit", also look at the dash M1 CAN Comm Templates.

Why don't you start a topic with "what you want to do" and we can make suggestions on how to accomplish that.

I will go through the document you mentioned. My goals was how can I get ride of multiple deriver switches by sending all the commands from the dash to the ECU, for example Boost Aim, RPM limiter, Launch control and etc ....

So what switches do you have attached to your dash (and what model Dash)? You could have a multi-position switch to select the function, and two buttons (up and down) to change the value. This would work well for things you don't change often (Boost Limits, RPM limits).

But for things you change while driving (Traction Control Slip / Range, Launch activate, Pit limiter), most implementations find easier, more direct control with individual multi-position switches or buttons for each function. These could be attached to a dash if you don't have enough I/O resources on your M1 ECU.

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