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CANBus Communications Decoded

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After banging my head for long, reverse engineering OEM CAN messages of just a couple of cars, I would find it useful to be able to search in a database where people can exchange such info.

Does anyone know of something like this existing?

Some of the more complex messages, especially in a case of integrating ECU on stock cars, can be tricky on club level. (Immobilizers, "Engine Status" signals, ect)

I too, would love such a resource, but unfortunately because people reverse engineer stuff like this for a living, they keep the IP close to their chests, or its done for a customer that then owns the data, so the shop can't really release it. However, feel free to post findings up here!

Yes, i would imagine that. Considering the effort behind, especially when working with different, unrelated cars, it adds up.

I started trying to log data from my Nissan Micra 160SR rally car, on my Race Technology logger in 2016 and now, after a lot of trial and (even more) error, i am close to being able to almost run the car on an potential standalone, but still missing some stuff. Effort considered, a PDM and complete re-wiring of the car is not so expensive after all. Some points though, like ABS, leave a lot of questions open on whether they will be happy enough on an aftermarket ECU+PDM setup.

In the process, i learned that Race logic keeps one of the bigger databases of relevant PIDs, but it is accessible only for registered users of their products. So, since Tim is using the HPA Race Logic stuff on the GT86, you should be able to use this license, i guess

It also happened to share/exchange data with people doing the same thing on similar cars.

What annoys me the most though, is some aftermarket ECU makers, keeping their CANbus settings locked. Even if you do the reverse engineering yourself and share with them, you need to wait -usually long- for a firmware update. Like my Haltech Elite for example...

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digging through aftermarket dashboard templates can sometimes offer some insight. But those 3 options along with generic searches on github will be about it.

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