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CANBus Communications Decoded

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Sorry I am so new to all this so please bear with me , I have a 2jz 350Z that I build , now I want to use the abs/ wheel speed sensors for traction control . The sensors are on the 350z canbus system . If I wire the canbus into my infinity ecu 708 how do I get it to read the wheel sensors ? Or what is my best bet to get this to work ?

G'day Anthony.

What ECU are you running the 2JZ on?

It shouldn't be particularly tricky to reverse engineer the locations of the individual wheel speeds on the OEM 350Z CANBus, as you can individually spin each wheel and see the data moving on the bus. Then you should be able to record some data value wile driving at different speeds to work out the scaling.

However, in my experience, for good traction control you need a really fast reacting system, and getting this data from the bus, as opposed to directly from the sensors, might introduce a little to much delay. It'll be a case of giving it a go and seeing if you can get it working nicely :-).

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