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Toyota 86 OE Can

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I am using m150 plug in with the harness from motec

All CAN job is provided by motec through their package..

What im questioning are...

1. Can we use the data coming from stock TCU through CAN Bus2 i believe to motec as an input for M150 to work..

For instance.. the oe tcu send "shift up/ down" data to the oe ecu.. so the ecu will know to use it as ignition cut and flatshifting.. so the transition between gear is smooth and good.

With m150 installed.. this is not happening.

2. Can we read or use data from the paddleshift to use it with motec to create blip throttle or flatshifting ourself ?

Please tell me what to do.

Should i wire directly and use spare avi ?

As I replied to your other thread, I haven't dealt with the M1 on an AT 86 so I can't comment from experience. I'd be confident that the transmission controller is already communicating with the M1 via CAN as part of the integration since the trans ECU will require certain signals from the M1 such as TPS/torque etc for the shift to occur.

Unfortunately your use of the M1 is slightly unique so I'm going to struggle to offer solid advice. I'd suggest putting these questions to MoTeC or the dealer you purchased through. I'd also be mindful of how aggressive you get on the shift as some level of torque reduction is recommended to keep those gearboxes alive.

This is what i am worry also.

The stock ecu cut timing when shift happens.

Motec did not cut timing.. so shifting is harsh.

So we cant use the data from Can to be a resource to motec then ?

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