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Transmitting CAN signal from standalone to ABS etc..

CANBus Communications Decoded

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The problem: Trying to make a few systems possibly happy after Link Fury Install, ABS and ASC to be exact. But primarily ABS.

ABS appears to not be happy because its not seeing Accelerator Pedal Position %, maybe something else but for sure this is not being broadcast on the bus from the Link.

Can anyone help me sort this out? I know looking at some of the available dashes they can see this on the bus.

Hi Greg,

You will need to be able to replicate all of the CAN messages that the OEM ECU transmitted to the ABS to get this to function correctly, do you have a device on the network that can have a ucstom CAN message set written into it?

I was hoping the Link could transmit on the bus. Since I know for sure this data isnt being seen by the abs and work from there. Its a track car, so getting its not the end of the world but it would be great if it was just this simple (probably not) to keep the brake warnings shut off.

@BlackRex Do you have an example of a device like that?

Hi Greg,

I would usually replicate them using an aftermarket Dash if it is installed in the vehicle, or having something like a MoTeC L120 as a CAN Bridge. There is quite possibly a number of Pi, Arduino or Raspberry based devices that could also do this, but I haven't had much success with these devices working reliably enough to use in a critical safety role.

I was just looking for Can Bridges and it does not appear to be many options. I cannot even find someone listing the Motec logger to get a price on it.

Hi Jason,

MilspecWiring is the official MoTeC Distributor in the USA.

let's take a step back before you start buying things still unable to meet your expectations.

Do you know exactly what data was being transmitted by the OEM ecu and have characterized all the messaging information appropriately?

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