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USB to CAN adapter

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I cannot find the systools device online. Could someone help me please?

Hello Wilman,

Are you talking of this sysWORXX tool used in the course?

I did not know it is also called the SysWorXX.

where to buy this cheapest please?

That would be location specific, as shipping costs will vary depending on location. Have a search on google and see what comes up for your location.

I believe Google is blocked in China. You will have to use whatever search engines you have available.

Does anyone know which software is included with the adapter please?

I wouldnt bother with that tool, it used to come with a stripped-down version of PCAN view - which was already very basic before they removed functionality. The Link the Callum gave above says it now comes with a software called "CANinterpreter Light", which I know nothing about but sounds basic too.

For the same money I would go for a PCAN-USB, or CAN-Hacker CH-P which are all good tools with good windows software options.

Thanks for the advice. BTW, how do you rate Cancapture please?

CANCapture is fairly advanced but not all that user friendly. It can do some powerful stuff with scripts etc but more than most will need.

Busmaster is another CAN Software to check out, I use this with a VSCom USB-CAN device.

my thoughts on CAN capture? 1325 dollars I wish I had back. no multiplexing support whatsoever. peak pcan explorer 6 with all the add-ins would be a much better solution.

Also cancapture's direct support is basically 1 guy who's too busy to explain how it works. the original developers were a firm in Texas, that sold it to Econtrols and never added feature support for things like multiplexing.

Hello to All;

I thought I would try here first so that I don’t start a repeat post of a subject. I have never used a forum however in reading it seems that repeating of same subjects seems to be a no no. I am new to CAN and have just taken the course here at HPA, my goal is to acquire signals primarily from two older vehicles (2003 v6 mustang and 2007 GXP Solstice) and am narrowing in on a product. My primary question is concerning the software, I am looking at CANinterpreter and PCan. Both seem to “ship with the adapter “, when I look for info on the software I then start to find a license fee. So, is the included “light version/bundled version “ good enough to find messages and decode or will I need to purchase a software license as well?

No experience with CANinterpreter but it looks very basic, probably not something I would bother with. Peak's free software is called PCAN view and it is also very basic, their licensed software is PCAN explorer which is quite powerful but costly.

However, the common PCAN USB tool is still a highly recommended option, you can use it with Busmaster, TSMaster and SavvyCAN all of which have most functionality you will ever need for free.

Agree with Adam here, I use a PCAN with BusMaster (as you can load a DBC file with BusMaster, but not with the PCan software) but I also have a VS-Com CAN to USB adapter as well, These units have since been updated so I'm not sure what the new ones are like.

I also use the MoTeC CAN Inspector with a UTC, or through one of the MoTeC Devices that use an Ethernet connection.

Thanks to both of you for the reply. Time to dig in and learn a new skill :).

I will go ahead with the Peak device and see what the bundled software does. If I understood well I can simply choose to use BusMaster with this, nice. Where would I find DBC files? Again this is all new to me, it sounds like that would save me a bunch of work.

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