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Best data solution?

Data Analysis Fundamentals

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I'm wanting some technical advise. I understand this might not be the right way to ask for this - if not please point me in the right direction.

The SsangYong racing series here in New Zealand are wanting to put data in the cars, the only objective of this is to help improve drivers. They are after the most cost-effective way to get good data. Basically throttle position, brake, steering angle, as well as GPS.

I'm aware of AiM solo, with TPS from ecu. Putting in a motec dash, and putting in a vbox.

Do you guys have any suggestions or comments on these systems?

Thank you for your time

A dash such as a MoTeC C125 can be setup to also trigger alarms, give the driver gain/loss indication. To best do driver input, you really want brake pressure and steering angle as well, as then you have all the major driver input covered. Although the MoTeC unit may cost a touch more than some other options the analysis software more than makes up for it.

If you wanted to be more cost effective again, and the driver display wasn't a must have, the L120 is the enclosed version of the MoTeC C125.

If you

You asked for "Best data solution", but I assume cost is still a big consideration in this class?

Assuming it is then about the minimum I would go for is the AIM solo 2 DL, the RS3 analysis software is now pretty good and has lots of tutorials on youtube etc (and some here). If those utes still have the Link ECUs in them then you could wire steering pos and brake press sensors to the ECU and that can be sent to the solo via CAN to be logged along with all the other engine data. The solo has built-in GPS and accelerometers so with those and the ECU data you would have a pretty decent set of data to work with. The wifi data download is quite handy.

There are lower-cost options like Racecapture pro or Racechrono but the analysis software is much more limited so I would avoid the more DIY or club-level stuff like this.

I dont have any experience with Vbox.

If budget can stretch further than the Aim then the Motec CDL3 might be another one to consider along with those that Nathan mentioned (assuming it is still available). This comes with the logging option included so the only extra needed would be the GPS, the CDL3 at least used to be the cheapest way to get a Motec logger. The 8MB is enough for a whole day's logging in a car like this. With most of the other more modern Motec loggers/dashes the logging capability is an optional extra so it can add up quickly with that and the GPS on top of the logger cost. The biggest advantage of the Motec options however is the I2 software, even the Std version is very good, quite easy for a noob to learn the basics and many professionals are familiar with it. If you are working with driver coaches or chassis set-up guys for example most will be familiar with I2. If you are buying say 20 units at a time there may be some potential for a slightly better deal than retail.

No specific comments, but some may have overlays of the tracks already available for downloading, which could be a useful tool? Might even assist with track limits warnings/advisories.

It isn't the logger you need to worry about, it is the software.

I like the Motec i2 software so just picked the hardware that matched my requirements for memory and logging frequency. If you are not doing suspension analysis then anything with 8MB or more memory and at least 20Hz would be fine. Then it is a case of how many inputs you need. Motec's CDL3 connected to an ECU with CAN/OBD 2 and a couple of extra sensors will meet most club requirements, anything else is just a bonus. In my case I needed a couple of extra channels (planning to also do suspension, need the internal A/D ports for this) so I stuck 4 channel A/D to CAN bus "expander" on the CAN bus, fine for brake pressure and steering position at 50Hz or less.

I'd suggest playing with the many free downloads like i2 and seeing what you prefer.

On this thread so far, Adam has the best solution, but Denis makes the most valid point. I wonder what you are trying to achieve with the Utes. So far in New Zealand I have only seen one person look at their data in four years outside a GT3 team.

Just to clarify what Adam said, the CDL3's now come with Logging and I/O enabled as part of the base Package.

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