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Motec I2

Data Analysis Fundamentals

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How do is setup the GG Diagram using Motec I2 standard?

How much help do you need? Right-clicking on the background of a worksheet, will allow you to "Add->Scatter Plot". If you setup the Y-axis to have the Longitudinal G force channel, and the X axis to have the Lateral G force channel, with the same scalings, you will have the typical GG Diagram.

Can you share i2 logging layout for GTR r35 package it would be big help

With I2 Standard, you would just have to choose the Engine (M1) Workbook, and modify the few worksheets. If you have I2 Pro enabled in your Dash or ECU, then perhaps we could work together to get a custom Workspace setup for you. I'm busy for the next couple of weeks.

I have I2 standard what should I do .will you help me to setup data logging and i2 worksheet.

First - have you downloaded your logged data using M1 Tune? Use Menu: Online->Retrieve Logged Data -- pay attention to where it stores the files -- I think it will default to Documents\MoTeC\Logged Data\, but check this. At the end of the retrieval, it will ask if you want to open I2. Let it do that.

Second - When I2 Standard opens, it will ask you to select a Workspace, choose "Engine (M1)" so that most of the channel names in the graphs will match the names in your log file.

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