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MoTeC i2 Log File - 6.0 LS VE Race Car 2nd Opinion?

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Hi guys,

Does anyone have a spare 5 minutes to take a look at the attached log and give me your thoughts? I was looking to purchase the car, however after looking over the log I'm a little hesitant. It's ran for a season on the current engine and I'm a little worried after seeing the oil temps, and pressure as a result. I'm not an expert, but I feel like at 150C+ oil temps and 28-36psi at 6500rpm is a recipe for accelerated bearing wear and I don't think I'd be confident to run it for another season without pulling the engine down after purchase, which isn't really a viable option at asking price of the car. It also seems to run very rich under WOT, 0.72-0.75 lambda. The car is a VE commodore and has a 450whp 6.0 LS engine running pump 98 fuel.



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Hi Ryan,

The first action that I would do is to verify that the calibrations that you are using are correct for the sensors.

If the matching calibration are being used, I would also verify that the data received is true and compare it to the data being generated in the ECU. Looking at the configuration you have a V8 Ute running an M800, if the sensors in the M800 have been setup to use non SI units and are then transmitted to the Dash where the templates are expecting that the data is coming across is in SI units, then you can have multiple conversions of the raw data before it is displayed/logged in the dash.

I would expect to see the coolant temp to be higher if the oil temp was that high.

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