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As part of a trackday project car I implemented a RaceCapture Pro (mk3) system since I knew the data would help me grow as a new driver and it offered a price point that was attractive.

I’ve started collecting data but at the very least I’m struggling to reach the data’s value quickly with the included analysis package.

Is there a recommended analysis package that would support importing csv data (from the RaceCapture platform) that would help a novice minimize time required to reach value from the data? Would AIM or Motech analysis package allow this or are they more specific to data capture via their own ecosystem?



Your best bet for importing CSV data is probably MegaLogViewerHD. https://www.efianalytics.com/MegaLogViewerHD/ It imports CVS files and can do math channels on the data. However, it's not oriented to lap-based timing, and navigation -- and it may not even do overlays (haven't checked).

I believe the best value in a Race Capture system using using their Podium platform for real time telemetry.

Otherwise, I would suggest for low-cost adding an Aim Solo2 DL, then sending CAN data from your Race Capture to the Solo2 DL. Then you can use all the Aim software features, and whatever sensors you have attached to the Race Capture. If you aren't using any external sensors / ECU connection nor taking advantage of the telemetry, then perhaps you should sell your RCP mk3 and just replace it with an Aim Solo 2 (no DL needed).

MoTeC I2 can't import CSV without a speciic license, that would quickly exceed the cost of your Race Capture system.

Thanks David, RaceCapture is probably not the right solution for someone inexperienced (like me) or at least is less easily approached without a higher level of experience to guide you. I don’t think I’m at the point of giving up on the RaceCapture platform entirely. It’s integrated in the build at this point as well, hard mounted, collecting data from ecu, auxiliary sensors, external gps antenna, and internal accelerometer. I’d strongly prefer avoiding an additional loose device with potential to interfere with the driver or an instructor.

At this point I think I found a couple solutions:

Track association may not have been happening accurately due to not having pre-imported the relevant track. RaceCapture doesn’t yet allow for splitting laps post logging. I can improve the native experience by making sure the correct track & variation is preloaded/associated in the AM before sessions start.

For sessions already recorded or which fail to associate properly I’ve found a service TrackAttack.io which is compatible with RaceCapture logs and will easily import, associate with appropriate track, and split laps for analysis automatically. It looks like it should provide enough features to get me started and @$8/mo. to unlock the full features set it’s relatively affordable. Does anyone here have experience with the TrackAttack platform who could share any tips or thoughts?

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