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VBOX Scene Generation

Data Analysis Fundamentals

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I was wondering if you were able to shed some light on VBOX scene making and how to do it properly. This would be most helpful.

Many Thanks.

Hi Thomas,

When you say scene making, I assume you're talking about defining the data/video overlays like the one I have pasted below?

What is it in particular, you are interested in? I have found this relatively straightforward and intuitive to use myself. VBOX also have a lot of help resources they make available too!


I am interested in creating a scene for a driver and a pro to coach from. It is for an M4 GT4 type car. I will try and familiarize myself with the software. Certain overlays are hard to come by in the standard software that look professional and work well. Just any help with what you suggest to generate them.

Also the Vbox sample data supplied was great but do you have any more sample data with more data channels coming in like throttle position and brake pressure that I could play around with?

I know what you mean about getting that "professional" look, I have struggled with this in the past. If you really want something specific, there is plenty of ability to define your own display types and styles, this is going to come down to your own taste!

The VBOX data I have supplied for download is the sample data that Racelogic give out. We do have our own logged VBOX data but we also only log the defualt channels. This is because the particular VBOX model we use doesn't have CAN compatibility with the particular ECU fitted to the car (MoTeC M150). I'll be happy to upload future VBOX data with more channels as and when we get it. Otherwise, there are many more logged channels available in the AiM and MoTeC logged data that you can play around with as well!

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