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hello everyone

I have a 2jzge NA-T setup wired to an ecumasters classic ecu and im having issues going into boost, the engine starts cutting off as soon as the boost wants to come on

have gapped the spark plug gap to 0.028 and set the coil dwell time and injector(250cc) dead times according to the haltech recommendations for the 2jzge engine but still does not seem to solve the issue

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

have uploaded the current map on the ecu

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Not familiar with those, but is it possible there's some form of boost cut in the options that needs to be (re)set?

Allright, I just checked your tune file and it seems like you missed some step. With a VE model, you need to give the ECU the engine displacement which would be 3000cc and right now it is configured as 2500cc (in the tab "Fueling - General"). Then you need to define AFR target in the AFR Target table, which is now only set to 14.7 everywhere. Finally, your VE table needs more work. You are probably be too lean. Did you upgrade your fuel pump? If possible, post a log so we can have more data on what is happening. Do you have a wideband plugged into the ECU?

It could be that you are maxing your 250cc injectors. You probably won’t be able to get very far into boost with those. Maybe check the injectors duty cycle to see if they are getting close to 100%.

So what I would recommend is that you set your AFR Target table and make sure you go over the initial setup of the ECU. If you don't have a wideband, I suggest you install one. Without it you can't really get your VE table optimized.

I guess it depends what is you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to make it run good enough so you know there no problem with the engine before going to the tuner, you don't really need to get into boost for that. But if you want to tune your own car, you'll need to go over some of the course here (especially the Pratical Standalone Tuning course), and that will point you the good direction!

I had given the car to a tuner and he did steady state tuning but could not do power runs cause of the problem, he reckons that it needs bigger injectors and a coil on plug conversion but then I took the car to a supra tuner specialist and he told me that the na engine should make around 7psi in stock form. Told him to tune it but he said that he has no experience with the ecumasters software and he has no time to get familiar with it. hence I purchased the tuning courses(practical and fundamentals tuning course) and decided to tune it myself.

I finished the course and plugged in my laptop to the ecu and I was surprised to see the tuner had done just like a quasi map on it with no afr taget table set and the shop hadnt even wired the external wideband to the ecu as well. Had to do that myself.

but as for the car it runs alright at cruising the afr is close to 1.00 lambda and it doesnt seem to run lean at any point.

As for the injectors on the log it shows they only get up to like 30% duty cycle I did put in a 340lph fuel pump and bumped the fuel pressure to 43 psi but doesnt seem to help.

If you want, post a log here (with the problem present) and I will be happy to help and see if I can spot anything wrong!

you should be able to hit 20psi with haltech dwell time and .028 gap, we had no problem with the stock distributor at high boost with tighter gap.

i dont see the overboost protection in the tune but your boost target is 150kpa which is 7psi so i assume once you hit 9 psi it cuts ?

try the attached tune it will probably be richer so you will have to retune the VE, make sure your afr doesnt drop below 10.8 otherwise it will misfire.

you can also raise your fuel pressure to 58psi to increase the size of the injector as i doubt your duty cycle will be less than 95% at wot.

upload a datalog of the issue and try to include wideband log

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Boost Control isn't enabled in the tune so I guess he's running direct connection to the wastegate. Fuel cut (overboost) is set a 400kpa so I think this is not the problem haha.

But I agree that boost shouldn't be a problem with the stock distributor. And he's saying the problem happens "as soon as the boost wants to come on".

But without a log, it's gonna be hard to help.

hey mates

I have attached the log and the boost only gets upto like 104kpa before engine starts breaking up.

as for the wideband I have just wired it and havent yet calibrated it but I was monitoring the gauge and it doesnt seem to run lean the lambda is around 0.93-0.95.

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I can see the fuel cut being triggered three times but not sure what is causing it, on ecumaster black, there are 2 methods of overboost fuel cut the first one is fixed hard limit, and the other is based on the boost target, with the classic there seems to be only one fuel cut.

I think you should start with a new tune I have copied some of the settings from your old tune to make it easier to start, double check your trigger angle with a timing light and monitor your afr.

test this tune and send us another datalog

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  • JZA80-2JZ-GE-Distributor-Startup-EMU-Classic_rev1_1.emu
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Did you update your firmware? I am getting some error message when opening your first tune and I'm running most up to date software (1.211). It sometimes can cause the ECU to act weird. So I would suggest to update it and your software if not done already.

The 3 fuel cuts that are in your log is DFCO (decel fuel cut off) which happens when you close the throttle, so it's completely normal.

If you want to use the Lambda Target table, you need to put the ECU into "Lambda (Advanced)" mode in the General Fueling tab. If set to any other mode, it will ignore the Target tables. You'll also need to change your target table to lambda values as the ECU will not convert them for you (It will basically divide by 10 your AFR numbers and you'll end up running 1.47 Lambda at idle lol) *See "Fueling Factors" attachment.

I also noticed that your RPM went from 3000 to 4500 in 0.3 sec which is weird, it could be because of wheel of clutch is slipping but I'm pretty sure it's not at those boost level, right? It happened 2 times when you floored the throttle. You'll find a screenshot attached of what I'm talking about. Sometimes big increase in RPM as seen in this log can create ignition timing issues and therefore engine sputtering. Maybe a bad crank sensor?

Finally I suggest you plug your wideband in the ECU so we can see it in the log.


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thanks guys for your help I will give all that a try on the weekend and get back to yous

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