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2JZGE nonVVTi and EmuBlack during acceleration and deceleration

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I have a 2JZGE non VVTi connected to EmuBlack with a PnP adapter.

When the accelerator pedal is released while driving, the car accelerates rapidly with a slight touch of the pedal.

I feel that the engine brake (reaction speed?) is stronger when the accelerator pedal is released. I feel that the engine brake is stronger when the accelerator pedal is released.

Also, when shifting gears, the RPM rises a little when stepping on the clutch.

Is this something that can be fixed with EmuBlack settings or is there a problem with the air hose?

I removed the Y-intake when installing the KnockSensor.

Could that possibly be the cause...

If there is an air leak post throttle body, that can cause this.

Alternatively the base idle airflow may be too great, or base throttle angle.

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