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4AGE 16v start ignition map.

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Made a basic ignition map in Excel based on other maps and information,would this be a good starting point for mapping the engine?

(Its for a 4age 1600cc na engine with other cams(264 duration 8.3 lift) headwork pistons etc )

note:its written in mmhg because thats what the engine uses.

Also the order might be other than what is normally used.

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It's hard to tell anyone what sort of numbers should be in their ignition tables as each engine is different.

You should take a look at the road or dyno tuning to see how to approach creating a full ignition map. It should be done methodically from low load and rpm and built up from there.

If you don't run very high compression I would say it's a good starting point, the values from factory being higher than that.

(PS: it nice to see a fellow member of AEU86 here)

Would you happen to have a stock ignition map ? :)

I calculated the ignition points and pulled them back a bit for safety.

Yeah :D,under what name are you under aeu86?

I do have the 8bit raw data but I still need time (and €€) to make it an actual 3D table...

But I also have the factory ignition map from the Apexi Power FC and few others from tuned car on a dyno.

What I can tell you though is that the stock 4ag like to runs around 30° @ 100kpa and over 7000rpm, so what you posted should be a good starting point before the final adjustment on the dyno.

(and I'm Project D on AEU86 ;) )

Sorry for late response,tuning has been a bit on the background.

thanks for the info :)

Mine is a bit conservative just to be sure nothing goes wrong.

Aha ok :)

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