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Actual Airflow

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Sir had a question

As VE is the % of air filled in a cylinder

how would we determine the actual flow or % of air entering the cylinder running on idle or at load , looking at a Engine Data (log) ?

WAt would be the important sensors we have to refer to set a perfect VE table for a aspirated or turbo engine

At idle and at load you would read the AFR and adjust until you get your target AFR values, this has to be on a true VE based model though.

Determining the actual air flow you would need to be good at maths or use an air flow sensor.

Use a known calibrated MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to get the raw data and then use complicated mathematical equations to turn the raw data into air flow figures.

The MAF sensor fitted to most factory engines is there to provide this exact data - mass air flow. The problem you need to watch is that once you start modifying the inlet/airbox or even the air filter, the MAF calibration may end up inaccurate and hence the flow data may well be incorrect.

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