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Adding MAP sensor to Ford Coyote s550 Mustang ECU

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Hello. The ford coyote platform has come in many iterations and in a couple vehicles. One of them being the s550 mustang and the other being the f150 truck platform. I am very interested in the remark you said about adding a map sensor to a factory ecu.

That being said, ford has done something very interesting. The s550 chassis mustang only comes with a MAF but the f150 comes with a MAP (both with the coyote engine platform). A while back after i purchased my vehicle, i acquired HPtuners. after scrounging around the software i came across an enable map option. I contacted HPtuners to see exactly what this enable feature does, with no avail. I have gone through wiring schematics for both vehicles but haven't came up with anything solid.

I am currently adding a turbo to my mustang (going slow but going none the less) and I had the idea of adding a an f150 manifold and to enable the map function in hp tuners. Is this something that can be done? If so what wiring is involved? Reuse motion valve wiring? Can this ecu run on the map signal?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Still no luck on information on this?

your best bet would be to get an engine wiring diagram and ecu pinouts for both engines / chassis

then see if the map sensor wires into the ecu in a place on one system and that pin is "available" for use on the other ecu if so you have a better chance of things working

If the pinouts are the same then i guess you could think about swapping in the ecu that doesnt have map - enable map - then do datalogging and see if it does stuff?

this is all on the "very basic idea" end of things and makes a tonne of assumptions (HA - yeah - i know) that the ecu hardware is the same - the pinouts are the same even for features not used on one platform - the hardware is there to support that feature on other platforms and the software is the same - all features coded - just not enabled

If it works it just shows the manufacturer does stuff in bulk and has a lot of option toggles on things and your in luck because your idea will work out :)

Sounds like you may be a pioneer for this unless you find more info out there on the internet somewhere else. Some factory ecu's are awesome and in some cases have more features than you would ever want to have to try and configure from scratch :)

WLECYTE, I too am interested in using the MAP feature of my Coyote Gen2 ECU. What was your final outcome, if I may ask, please?

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