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Adjusting ignition timing on 2JZ-GE non VVTi and EmuBlack.

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EmuBlack was connected using a PnP adapter.

I fixed EmuBlack at 10°, turned the distributor and adjusted it, but could only move it to 0°.

I don't know how to adjust it.

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I think you modify the "trigger angle" parameter until the timing light matches the locked angle (10 deg). Now you want to make sure your distributor can do all the angles in your ignition range, so don't set it at just one end.

I may be mis-understanding something here, but...

It may be the distributor was fitted a tooth out when/if refitted, and removing it and refitting a tooth over may help - try one direction and then the other.

However, it may not be required as you should be able to input an offset to align the engine's TDC to the ECU's ECU, rather than try and do it with the distributor.

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