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When following along this about how to figure out air density you had the equation 14.7 / 2.7x519 and you came up with 0.076lbs/ft(3). I'm trying to figure out how you got your answer, it has been a while since I've done fractions. The answer I came up with was 14.7 / 2.7x519 (14.7 / 1401.3) = 0.01049026.

I know I must be doing something wrong so I would appreciate some help on where I went wrong with solving this problem.

I have the exact same issue. Hoping this will be cleared up soon as I am making a formula spreadsheet with all the calculations for reference.

I'm sorry there is an error in the equation. We are aware of it and will be fixing this module very soon. I apologise for the confusion.

Thank you for the fast reply. could you give details on what is wrong or how the formula should have worked out?

So is the formula and answer that I came up with correct? Just so I can make a reference example and calculate the air density in my own vehicle.

Is there an update on this? I've just been through the module and thought I was going loopy.



The formula should read 2.7 x P/T. Apologies for the confusion.